Welcome to Fur Keeps Animal Rescue!

Who We Are...

Founded by holistic veterinarian Debra Rykoff, DVM in 1999, Fur Keeps has saved hundreds of animals (primarily horses, cats, and dogs) that have been rescued from kill shelters or other dire situations. These animals are rehabilitated and then placed into loving forever homes.

Our mission is to promote respect and compassion for all animals as partners in the human existence.

We believe in the Triangle of Care:

  • Education for responsible ownership (with well-rounded training for both handlers & companions.)
  • Balanced healthcare for our animals
  • Rescue and rehabilitation of unwanted animals (with the prevention of animal cruelty.)

Rescuing a cat or dog costs an average of $250 in medical care alone; and that cost soars to over $2000 to rehabilitate a rescued horse. These costs do not include board and training. They simply cover the bare necessities to help these animals recover enough to find loving & caring homes, and adjust to their new environments.

With your help we can broaden our ability to help animals in need instead of solely relying on a few kind individuals.

Please consider helping us by sending a donation today or participating in any of our upcoming events. We're also in need of loving foster homes to place some of these animals in while they're waiting for their permanent homes. If you would like to foster an animal, volunteer, or become a forever home please contact us.

All contributions to Fur Keeps Animal Rescue go directly to animal care and operating costs. No person involved in this organization draws a salary or wage in any form.

The video below (created by one of our volunteers) will provide you a glimpse of Fur Keeps, who we are, and why we do what we do. We invite you to watch it and to join us on our journey to help those who cannot help themselves...

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