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The Mystery Page

Occasionally we rescue some truly wonderful dogs and puppies that we know will be adopted quickly because they're so special.
Then days go by... and days turn into weeks; and weeks turn into months; and sometimes the months even turn into years - and these incredible, sweet dogs are still with us!

And that is the Mystery.

These special dogs have been passed over for reasons that we simply cannot understand. It's so hard for them to watch their "stall mates" leave to forever homes and be replaced with new "stall mates" who in turn leave to forever homes, and they don't. It breaks are hearts to constantly have to tell them that it's not their time yet - but that their special person will be coming to take them home soon.

This page is designed to help us keep that promise. Here we're featuring some of our "long-term residents" that we love dearly, but who (through no fault of their own) have simply been with us for far too long! Should you choose to help one (or more!) of these special friends, we will work closely with you during the entire screening and adoption process to ensure that the fit between you and your new best friend is perfect. These guys have had a very tough time; deserve to find the right home; and simply would not be able to handle another rejection by being returned for any reason.

The benefit for you (besides being the new parent of one of the sweetest, most loving dogs we know) is that we're offering these dogs at an extremely reduced adoption fee to help them have the opportunity to get out of the shelter and into a nice warm, caring home.

We invite you to take some extra time and seriously consider helping one of our "hard-luck" friends featured below who only want to love, be loved, and make someone happy. You'll be glad you did!


Poor Fendi has now been in the shelter for over a year! He simply does not deserve this!
Fendi is an extremely sweet boy who came into the shelter when he was just 3 months old. He's now almost one-and-a-half, is overweight, and is terribly depressed.
Fendi simply needs someone who will love him, put him on a diet, and give him some exercise to help him slim down!
He behaves wonderfully at all of our weekly Petsmart adoption events. He knows when its time to relax, and will calmly walk over and lay in an open crate.
He's great with other dogs, but would prefer a home without cats.
He's desperately searching for his forever family!

If you're interested in giving Fendi a forever home (or even just a temporary foster home), please call the office at 847.381.8458.

Sasha Rae and Boo Bear

Wonderful and beautiful, social babies - this closely bonded pair of littermates were dumped in a southern shelter after a divorce. They never knew relationships weren't forever!
They must be adopted as a pair.


Left at a gas station in rural Mississippi, Tyler's a big, sweet boy.
Great with kids and other dogs, he'd love a big yard of his own to run in!!!!
Just call us to arrange a meet and greet.


Kippers was given back after 2 years because he's afraid of veterinarians and their doctor told them that was a reason to give him back.
He can be a little fearful of strangers at first, but is just a love.

He knows all his basic commands, is housebroken and adorable. He should go to someone who will be patient and kind and has had other dogs before.
He is good with older children who are respectful, but may be afraid of little little ones.


Poor Finn just does not understand why his family had to move and give him up, and lectures on a bad economy just won't make things better until he has a new family to call his own.
He is still frightened of strangers so will need a new parent with love and patience to bring him out of his shell.
When he was first dropped off at the kill shelter he was a smiling happy boy until he figured out what was really up... Dumb animals indeed!


She's a little older, and can be crabby over treats (especially in her crate) but she's still so sweet and silly! She needs a final home to spend the next 4 or 5 years.
You won't regret meeting her!


Jesse came in a bit frightened of his experiences; but now he is a loving, happy boy. All he needs now is that special place to call his own.
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